FINE DRAGON Cordless Spin Floor Cleaner Electronic Floor Polisher Scrubber Machine Wet/ Dry SpinWave Powered Rotatable stick Sweeper Detachable for Hard Floor Mop

△ Note:1. This machine is suitable for indoor cleaning, use for flat hard ground and wood floor, tile floor, etc, not apply to the uneven ground and blankets.2. Suitable for

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△ Note:
1. This machine is suitable for indoor cleaning, use for flat hard ground and wood floor, tile floor, etc, not apply to the uneven ground and blankets.
2. Suitable for cleaning the floor dust and small area of water stains, sauces, etc, not for cleaning large particles.
3. Please use a clean soft cloth stained with water or neutral cleaning liquid gently wipe, do not use gasoline, alcohol, rubber and other highly stimulated lotion.
4. When continuous operating for a long time to completely discharge, stop to rest for 30 minutes before recharge, to protect the battery and extend the service life.
5. In the boot state while the water tank is empty ,you should not long press the water spray switch, so as not to damage the pump.
6. Do not touch the site when use, which may cause an accident or product failure.
7. When the resistance is larger, the noise will increase accordingly if you use the high gear, the low-grade cleaning is recommended then.
8. Do not boot unless the brush cloth is installed well, remove the damp cloth each time after cleaning completed, clean and dry standby to prevent mildew rotten. When you need to clean and maintain this product, be sure to turn off the power.

■ Product specifications
Power type: Rechargeable
Charging power: input 100-240VAC 50-60Hz output 17.5VDC 1000mA
Battery: Li-Ion 2.0AH
Power: 30W/ 45W
Charging time: 2H ± 0.5H
Continuous use time: 40~45 minutes
Speed: low-grade 200 ± 35RPM, high-grade 290 ± 50RPM
Tank capacity: 160ml
Spraying speed: 150ml/ min
Product size: 1110mm (H) * 400mm (W) * 280mm (D)
Special features: microcomputer control, power lack protection and power full indicator
Net weight: about 8.6lb

Item comes with 1 year free warranty.
Package included:
• 1 * Power floor cleaning machine
• 1 * Charger Adapter
• 3 * Cotton mop clothes
• 2 * Scouring pads
• 1 * User manual
Cordless Spin Cleaning: The latest generation automatic floor cleaning machine with cordless design, provide no space limits quickly floor cleaning for you. Act as a super great floor cleaning helper for the hard flat floor surfaces like the hardwood, vinyl, tiles, marble and more floor types.
360° Scrubbing and Mopping: 2 packs front round mop and 1 back long mop, all-around cleaning the floor without any dirt leave out. Mop type: cotton mop and scouring pads (please don’t use the scouring pads on the hardwood floor).Led front lights to facilitate the user to clean the corner or dark places.
Three-stage plug design, easy to disassemble, reduce the packaging space. Equipped with elastic telescopical front and rear wipes, which bring efficient cleaning. External use TPE material, which is much softer than PVC, can better prevent furniture and other objects from damage in collision.
The power scrubber is equipped with LED screen to display the power and error code. Very easy to use or maintain. Comfortable handle is detachable and the water tank with leakage-proof safe technology. Sturdy construction makes it work on the straight line and won’t sway from side to side. Nozzle spray evenly, form a straight line in front of the machine, not easy to spray the furniture or people.
Powerful battery with 2 speed level: Original Samsung LI-ION 2.0AH durable battery with 2 spin level to meet your different cleaning needs. High speed is 290 RMP and low speed is 200RMP. 40-45 minutes working time for a full charging (about 2 hours).

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