Aluminium height adjustment profile with APL click system, 90 cm, silver, 7 mm – 10 mm, with screws, transition profile for laminate, parquet and carpet, transition bar, door rail with continuous compensation

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Our transition profiles are the perfect solution for the levelling between two floors of different heights and, thanks to the high-quality surface anodised aluminium, guarantee a visual enhancement of your floors.

The continuous height compensation with the practical APL click system, creates clean transitions on many floor coverings such as laminate, parquet and carpet.


  • Creates clean transitions between two different floor coverings.
  • Suitable for use with many types of floor surfaces such as laminate, parquet and carpets.
  • Easy to install: 2-part set (upper and lower profile).
  • Continuous height adjustment possible.
  • Wide enough for standard doors.
  • The metal profile is easy to trim with a saw.
  • Stylish decorative grooves on top.
  • No visible screws.
  • High quality material.
  • Made in Germany.

Product details:

  • Length: 90 cm.
  • Viewing width: 41 mm.
  • Level compensation = 7 mm – 10 mm.
  • Colour: silver.
  • Material: anodised aluminium.

Get your high-quality transition rails for the creation of clean transitions between your floor coverings.

Aluminium transition profile: floor profile with APL click system creates clean transitions between two floors of different heights. Sufficient width for standard doors. Made in Germany.
Versatile: transition rail suitable for many floor coverings such as laminate, parquet and carpet. Screws guarantee firm hold when used as a door rail.
Easy assembly: simply place the upper profile on the lower profile and tighten the screws. Metal profile is very easy to cut with a saw. Continuous height compensation possible.
Optical upgrade: stylish, decorative ribs on top. Anodised aluminium surface ensures highly material appearance. No visible screws.
Product details: length = 90 cm. Viewing width = 41 mm. Height = 7 mm – 10 mm. Colour = silver. Material = anodised aluminium.