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6 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Buying Flooring for Your House

Flooring is usually considered a relatively unimportant aspect of house decoration and is often overlooked but it is actually a very important factor in transforming the look of your house. After all, floors cover the largest surface in every house. Moreover, with so many materials and designs available, it might seem like a daunting task […]

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Home gym flooring: what flooring will last longer?

While constructing a home gym or a gym in your basement, here are some pre-requisites to look before choosing the flooring. You can analyze your fitness and workout plan and whether it suits your needs. A good workout plan with at-home gym will be very beneficial for people who cannot rush to a gym for […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Fit Your Own Flooring at Home

You’ve just bought new flooring for your house. You’re still reeling from the dent it has made on your wallet, and you’re dreading the additional expenses that are to come your way in the form of installation fees. So, you think to yourself, why not do the whole thing yourself and save up on the […]

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Quick Guide to Laminate Flooring Vs Hardwood or Engineered Flooring

A quick guide to laminate flooring versus hardwood flooring

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Home Gym Setup Ideas

Building a home gym is a great way to not only reduce costs but also reduce excuses. You have the opportunity to do a little workout each day when it is closer than your doorstep.

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