Home gym flooring: what flooring will last longer?

Check out the Best Flooring Prices on Amazon Now While constructing a home gym or a gym in your basement, here are some pre-requisites to look before choosing the flooring. You can analyze your fitness and workout plan and whether it suits your needs. A good workout plan with at-home gym will be very beneficial […]

Why You Shouldn’t Fit Your Own Flooring at Home

Check out the Best Flooring Prices on Amazon Now You’ve just bought new flooring for your house. You’re still reeling from the dent it has made on your wallet, and you’re dreading the additional expenses that are to come your way in the form of installation fees. So, you think to yourself, why not do […]

How to Install Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl flooring can be easy and a quick study for those trying to find out how to install vinyl floor tiles. Because some even come as a ‘pet and stick’ variety- you will very easily be able to do this yourself! Others need an external adhesive, which is easy enough to come by. We have a variety of different tiles and adhesives to choose from. Just browse our store and you will find exactly what you want!