If you are ready to install your new artificial lawn, then read our guide for the best tips! We will cover everything from choosing your lawn to the basics on how to fit artificial grass.

DIY has never been easier, with our complete, step-step guide showing you the way. You’re just one guide away from a new, professional looking lawn. The best part? You can have the satisfaction knowing that you did it by yourself.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s examine a list of the things and the tools that you will need before you know how to fit artificial grass:

Now that you have all your tools handy, let’s get down to the basic steps:

1. Planning

The number one mistake people make when they are installing their artificial lawns? Not planning their project. You can know all the basic steps for how to fit artificial grass, but if you don’t plan then you could run into some hurdles.

By setting out a plan and knowing exactly where and what you are doing, you can easily follow the steps.

Plan out the area you want covered by the artificial lawn. One very important thing to remember is that you need to make sure that any pipes or cables that you have are buried deep enough. You don’t want to be digging and then accidentally burst a pipe.   

Handy Tip:

Always make sure that your artificial grass is installed in the same direction. This may seem obvious, but many people make this mistake because of simple oversight!

2.  Preparing

This one is for those of you who are installing their artificial lawn on earth.

Before you start to lay your new lawn, you need to make some preparations to the ground so that you have a quality, long lasting lawn.

3. Give your lawn an edge

Lay an edge. If your artificial grass has nothing up against it (eg, a wall) then it is advisable that you put in an edge.

This is called an ‘edging system’.

We have a range of different edging systems to choose from. You can choose a self-adhesive wood edging for indoor artificial grass or a aluminium edging system to withstand the outdoor elements. There are also wooden edges that are great for outdoor use as well. We have all types of edging for all types of needs.

If you are installing the artificial grass outside, then now it is time to grab your hammer.

4. Base Time

Handy Tip:

Make sure that your base is level. This is easier if the dug-out, prepared soil area is levelled perfectly.  

5. Lay Your Weed Mesh

Put your mesh weed fabric down over the prepared area. Do this only once your base is perfectly compact. The weed membrane mesh is your key to stopping weeds from pushing through and damaging your artificial lawn. If you have any leftovers peeking up over the edge then trim these waste edges off.

6. Laying the Artificial grass


7. Finishing off

Once you have finished laying you new artificial grass, then it is advisable to put in some extra effort. These finishing touches will help create a more natural and also more professional finish.

How much kiln sand should i use?

Extra tip: How to Fit a Join

Chances are, you will need to join a couple times throughout the process. This means that two differet squares of artificial grass will  need to be joined, or you may even need a join when you are fitting your weed mesh.

Follow these quick tips on fitting a join:

Good luck with your new project, and let us know if you have any questions for how to fit artificial grass.