What is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum is, generally speaking, a brand of linoleum. Know how to clean Marmoleum starts with understanding what Marmoleum is. It was first manufactured in the second half of the 1800’s. It is made from mainly natural materials and there are many brands offering organic Marmoleum flooring options.

Due to this, Marmoleum is proving to be even more popular now than ever before. This environmentally friendly and sustainable option is comprised of linseed oil, wood flour, jute and pine resin. Now, you may be thinking that an organic floor sounds a bit too high maintenance, and although you may share that belief with many other people, we are here to tell you just how to clean your Marmoleum floor without fuss.

Marmoleum floors generally have no odour, so they are a great option for anyone with sensitive sinuses! It is a durable flooring solution but it does come with its own cleaning quirks! There are a few guidelines that are essential to follow, however, if you take care of the basics then you are sure to have a Marmoleum floor that will last you for many years to come.

Before we get started on how t clean Marmoleum floors, let us examine a few of Marmoleum’s unique characteristics. This way, when you read through our guide on how to clean Marmoleum floors, you will find that it is a small bit of effort in exchange for one of the most sustainable and contemporary flooring options on the market.


The above outlined points are just a handful of the great qualities that Marmoleum flooring has! So then, how to clean Marmoleum flooring?

Best Marmoleum Floor Cleaner

This guide will help you to understand the best way to clean your Marmoleum floor without damaging it.

How to clean Marmoleum when you spill:

For substances that are more stubborn such as coffee, glue, wine, ink, paint, etc. follow this guide to clean Marmoleum:

How to remove the stain:

Handy tips to keep your Marmoleum floor looking bright and new:

1. Cleaning between grooves:

2. Shoe Marks?

And lastly, enjoy your natural Marmoleum floor! You can find a wide assortment of styles and colours to choose from at our store. Visit our blog regularly for helpful hints and top secrets for maintaining your floor.

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