While constructing a home gym or a gym in your basement, here are some pre-requisites to look before choosing the flooring. You can analyze your fitness and workout plan and whether it suits your needs. A good workout plan with at-home gym will be very beneficial for people who cannot rush to a gym for specific hours and make it a part of a routine. It will sound a much exciting and fun activity, but it will indeed become best with a right flooring choice. A right kind of flooring will give support to your feet and lower body parts to stay firm on the floor. Are you confused about what material to choose for your gym floor? We will help you with this basic and a quick guideline to go for most suitable and functioning flooring for your home gym: 1. Rubber Flooring for the at-home gym: One of the most feasible options available in the market today is Rubber Flooring. They are available in the form of tiles as well as in big rolls which makes it easy to use according to your requirements and room measurements and can be bought in large volumes. The most important point is that the Rubber Flooring is less expensive. Its advantages are listed below: Easy to install: installing rubber flooring is quite easy due to the fact that no prior experience of installation is needed. This makes it cost effective. Durable: Rubber flooring is durable and long lasting and can bear damages occurred due to tools and equipment used during exercises. The durability of rubber flooring is almost ten years. Health-friendly: Rubber Flooring is anti-microbial means it is not prone to the growth of microbes/mold or fungus which is unfriendly to health. It does not support and allow water to create mess between the spaces because of being water resistant. One of the key points is that it can be easily shifted and tied form one place to other, giving ease of transporting it. Rubber flooring is also a sound absorbent making it a great option to go for. You can easily workout without being disturbed and exhibiting noise or not disturbing your family. Disadvantages of Rubber Flooring are listed here: Expensive Bright colours: if you will go for bright colours in Rubber Flooring they might be quite expensive. No Insulation: there will be no insulation of temperature which means that rubber tiles will be cold if the floor is cold and vice versa for the hot one. However, it can be helpful if you have a heating system for your floor. Although, there are many perks of installing rubber floor but if you don’t want to opt for it; don’t worry at all here are some other alternatives to choose from: 2. Vinyl Flooring for Home Gym: Vinyl Flooring is the other option to go for as it ranges from different colours to different patterns. It has a functional material and easily adaptable to varying conditions. Moreover, is preferred to use in garages and basement floorings. It has the following benefits: Durable and Flexible: Vinyl provides the cushion while you exercise and is durable and long lasting as well. Easy Installation: Vinyl is also easy to install as it is available in the form of assorted tiles to use. Being a tile form it becomes easy for users to install and place tiles as they wish. Ease of Cleaning: here comes essential and interesting benefit -ease of cleaning. Yes, it is effortless to clean. Just use a wet cloth or give it a swipe it will be all nice and clean. One of the great things about vinyl is that it is microbe-resistant and water resistant as well. It is commonly used at many places as it does not need any prior experience to install it, hence making it feasible and flexible for people to use. Those who are passionate about being fit and planning for the at-home gym are mostly attracted to vinyl due to its easy installation and material. It provides much customization that is the most significant benefit of it. Look for its various textures, colours, and patterns and go on for personalizing it your way. Here are disadvantages of Vinyl: Nonresistant to shock: vinyl does not absorb shock which makes it less feasible option to choose. Due to the reason that once a vinyl is placed or settled on an existing floor, it will act just like an existing floor or hard floor. Thus it doesn’t absorb the shock which is an essential part of gym flooring as we have to place heavy equipment on it. Damages due to Sharp equipment: Vinyl is prone to wear and tear and damage due to Sharp equipment. As we have to place heavy machines on the gym floor so, it needs to absorb the shock without being destroyed. However, still Vinyl is the best option where colours, patterns and a touch of the unique creative and lively environment is needed such as for yoga centres and Dance schools. Such decor will lit up space hence it will also result in an increase in productivity. 3. Carpet Flooring for the at-home gym: Carpet Flooring is the most popular and commonly used option. This type of flooring is widely used in malls, shopping centres, kindergarten schools and gyms as well. If you want to experience the environment and comfort, then go on for this option. This choice will be more flexible and durable. It will last longer which makes it a cost-effective option to choose. Some benefits of Carpet flooring ideas are listed below: Easy installation: it is easy to install specifically those interlocking tiles. Moreover, these carpet tiles snap with one another that makes it quite easy to install/ place them on the existing floor. Long-lasting: it is the most durable option to choose from many and can be used almost in every gym. It is also long lasting than other types of flooring. It is not only long lasting than vinyl but is also softer than it. It is also the best option due to being soft and comfortable it is suitable for exercises in which one must lay down to carry it out and if children play there it will be a safe zone for them too, good for Yoga session as well. People are familiar with it, and it can withstand damage. These are the drawbacks: Difficult to clean: it is not water and microbe resistant, so it develops mold and locks moisture. Thus, it becomes expensive to clean, and we have to get it clean from professionals. Requires Re-stretching: Carpets are prone to stretch. Thus, we need to maintain them and properly. There are some other types of flooring materials in the market as well. However, we have shared the most valuable and widely used options with you. Our website contains the collection of best flooring tiles from Amazon. These are meticulously chosen for you so you don’t have to search for the best product to buy. You can visit the specific categories in our menu to order the best product that will suit your needs. Finding the right things is a tedious job and we care for your time. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to guide you and assist you in choosing the best product.