Grand 30mm Pile Height Artificial Grass | Select from Our 79 Sizes | £9.90 Per Square Metre | 1920GSM | 12600 Blades Per Metre | 9000 Dtex | High Density Fake Turf | Cheap Natural & Realistic Looking Astro Garden Lawn



Grand 30mm

Grand is a high density top quality range of 30mm grass. At this price it is fabulous value for money too.

Technical & Quality Information

Yarn Dtex: 9000
Total Weight inc backing: 1920g per m2
Grass Weight not including backing: 590g per m2
Backing Weight: 1330g per m2
Pile Height: 30mm(+/-1mm)
Tufts Density: 12600Tufts of grass per/m2 – Very high Density

What does all that technical information mean?

Most grass sellers will only give you the pile height (how tall the blades are) and maybe the total weight per metre. This isn’t enough information for you, the customer, to make an informed choice on what you are purchasing and to determine if your grasses quality is up to the job. At
Ark we believe in giving you the full product infomation.
Stitch Rate – How many stitches per 10x10cm square. Fairly self explanatory. The higher the stitch rate, the less likely you are to see the backing through the grass.
Dtex – Dtex relates to blade strength. It means how much much would a blade of grass weigh if it was 10000m long. If blades were made of paper they would have a terrible dtex, of rope, terrific dtex. We are proud to state this grass has a dtex of 9000.
Grass weight – The higher the better obviously. Most sellers will only quote the grass AND backing weight. In manufacturing backing is heavier so can sometimes mask low blade quality and density. We quote both the grass and total weight seperately.
Tufts Density – How many tufts per square metre. Again the higher the better. At 12600 this range has an exceptionally high density.

Product Features

No Sand Infill Needed
Child & Pet Friendly
Samples Available
UV Resistant
Natural Realistic Appearance
Water Permeable Backing
Easy To Install & Keep Clean
Looks Immaculate All Year Round
12600 Density, 1.9KG Per Metre, Top Quality Fake Grass
Just £9.90 a Square Metre – Incredible Value for Money
Water Resistant Latex Backing with drainage holes. Ideal for Gardens, Terraces, Landscapes etc, Watering or Feeding
No More Mowing, Watering or Feeding & Easy To Cut & Shape
Child & Pet Friendly

Product Size

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