Building a home gym is a great way to not only reduce costs but also reduce excuses. You have the opportunity to do a little workout each day when it is closer than your doorstep.  Home gyms don’t have to be expensive, in fact, they can be pretty cost effective once you know what type of exercise you want to do. Take a look at these home gym setup ideas to help you decide what type of gym you want to create in your home. The best part? You’ll even see how to shave costs even more and how to use as little space as possible!

Where To Create Your Home Gym Set Up Ideas

When it comes to your home gym you need to decide where you want to set it up. Finding a convenient place in your home can be tricky so we’ve narrowed it down to these options: 


If you have a garage then you can dedicate a specific part of the garage for your home gym. If your garage is messy then you might be inclined to skip over this option. But before you dismiss it think about all the extra space you could have if you just organized your garage a little bit better.

2. Bedroom

Wait, what? Yes I know, this sounds a bit crazy but bear it in mind if you do not have any other option than this can work! You can use just a corner of your bedroom. If you just readjust the bedroom furniture you could even create more space. All you need is about 10×6 ft to have the most basic gym space.

3. Attic Or Basement

This is the more luxurious option. If you have an attic or basement then you can set up a great space for your home gym. As with most attic or basement spaces, you are probably using it as a storage area. Take the opportunity to go through what you have stored there and discard things that you no longer need. Give the space a decent clean and you should have space just begging to be turned into a gym.

4. Patio

Patios are great places to set up a home gym. Even if you have a small area to work with, we will cover how to maximize that a little fourth on.

5. Living Room

Even the living room can be used. With a bit of reshuffling, you can open up a corner and set up a decent home gym area. Equipment For Your Home Gym Set Up Ideas Now that you know just about where you are going to set up your home gym ideas, you can decide what type of gym equipment you want to use. This part is critical. You don’t just want to go out and purchase all sorts of gym equipment- narrow it down to the types of exercise you want to do and, let’s face it, the type of exercise equipment that can actually fit in your space. Take a look at these tips for home gym equipment. You’ll find out how to buy less and get more out of your equipment while saving space too!
  1. Free Weights

    If you want to do weightlifting, then you probably know that bars and weight machines are not only expensive but a bit big for a home gym. If, however, you are lucky enough to have ample space for bulky equipment then go ahead and skip this part. Instead of going for bulky (and expensive) weight bars and machines, why not invest in some free weights? If you invest in a decent set of free weights you can enjoy all the same benefits. And not only will you be able to do the exercise, you can save space as well. Free weights can be packed away or stored neatly when you are not using them. How about investing in a kettlebell? These are used in many fitness groups from crossfire to calisthenics. You can build various muscles using a kettlebell; from squats to sit-ups. Bums and tums all in one piece of equipment! Top tip: Be careful when setting down your weights. Take care of your flooring otherwise, you could be doing your exercise in the form of DIY floor restoration.
  2. As simple As A Mat

    With just one mat you can do many different exercises. Exercise mats are not just for kale juicing mammas either- even the most stereotypical gym guy can benefit from a mat. You can even get portable mats that you can roll up or fold up if you need to save space. Another great thing about exercise mats is that they can prevent those weights from damaging your floor. Also, you can save your joints some pain when holding the plank position. Whatever your exercise preference, your first thought should be to invest in a type of exercise mat. You can get the rubber mats for decent pricing right here. And they are also handy in absorbing noise too. So city slickers won’t cause any harm to their downstairs neighbor during their exercise routine.
  3. Cardio Junkies

    If you are thinking of a treadmill, chances are you are put off by both the space it takes up as well as the price it has. So why not look at an alternative? Jump ropes are one of the best alternatives to a treadmill, with many actually arguing that it is better. The jump rope does not take up any storage room at all and if you place some rubber matting down then you won’t have to worry about impact or noise.
  4. Learn To Use Your Body

    Body weight exercises are great. You can build lean muscle while learning to use your body in ways you thought only Marvel superheroes could. Try learning some Calisthenic technics and you will find a whole new dimension opening up in the mind-body connection. Your strength, reaction time and focus will all see improvements.
  5. Roll The Rolls Away

    Using an Ab Roller can change your exercise routine. Sit-ups and crunches can actually cause some damage to your back if not done correctly and, let’s face it, they’ve got a bad reputation amongst newbies. So, if you are looking at home gym set up ideas and you are a new exerciser than an Ab Roller should be on your list of equipment. You will need some of that rubber matting underneath and you will need your body’s length of space. But after you have used it, you can pack it away neatly. So if you have a limited amount of space this is definitely an investment to think about.
  6. Pull Up Bars

    This is one that is in almost every home gym, and for good reason too. You can work on your upper body strength with just a doorway and the handy pull up bar. You can get cheaper ones that just hook onto the doorway and then you can get other more durable ones that will have to be attached to a wall. Decide which one you have space for and invest in one of these. Do your research on the different exercises and the correct form. You will be astounded at the different exercises you can do with just one simple piece of equipment.
  7. Don’t Resist The Resistance Bands

    Resistance bands are an absolute must! They can be rolled up and hidden out of sight and there are so many different ways that you can use them. You can target a variety of muscles with the right exercises. Also, If you have issues with your joints then you these are a great alternative to weights. Resistance bands should be on your list of home gym setup ideas for their incredible versatility, cheap price, and space-saving qualities. And if you do have a pull-up bar but can’t actually do a pull up then you can use the resistance bands to assist you! Use these tips for your home gym set up ideas and find the best home gym flooring right here!